When, where and how to watch Messi-Neymar vs Ronaldo friendly match Live

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Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo officially joined Saudi Arabian club Al Nasser this month after the World Cup. Messi vs Ronaldo This time before the debut match in the new club. CR-Seven is going to enter the field against PSG made up of Lionel Messi-Neymar-Kilian Mbap-pe. Where he will have the leadership of the team.

After December 2020, the football world is going to see the Messi-Ronaldo duel again. Hence the excitement surrounding the match is prevailing among the fans of the two stars. This time the fight will be in the desert country of Saudi Arabia. The fans’ interest in the match is such that the price of a ticket for this match has gone up to 27 crore rupees.

The match in the center of interest of the audience will be held at the King Fahd Stadium in Saudi Arabia on Thursday night (19 January).

The Riyadh All Star XI, made up of two of Saudi Arabia’s best clubs, Al H-ilal and Al Naas, will face off against French club PSG.

Every fan in the football world is waiting to watch this star-studded match. This match will be seen on sporterworld and Bain Sports Channel. However, PSG’s social media accounts  Facebook and YouTube. will broadcast the match live. America’s Fubo TV will stream live.

Ronaldo captains the Saudi All-Star XI against Messi in Riyadh


Messi and Ronaldo
Messi and Ronaldo are facing each other in a friendly match on January 19

After Cristiano Ronaldo joined Real Madrid, his duel with Lionel Messi became the biggest advertisement in Spanish domestic football. Not only for Spain’s football fans, Ronaldo and Messi’s face-off is a dream in the football world. After Ronaldo left Real to join Juventus, the football world looked to the European competition to see the two duel.

Now the Portuguese star has left Europe and moved to Asia. After signing Ronaldo’s name in Saudi Arabia’s club Al Nasr, football fans were disappointed – MessiRonaldo fight will not be seen anymore! PSG and Saudi Arabia’s football authorities have created such an opportunity to everyone’s delight. Saudi All Star XI will play a friendly match with PSG next Thursday in Riyadh. Messi and Ronaldo, one of the best stars of the time, will face each other on the field again.

Before this match, Turki Al-Sheikh, the head of Saudi Arabia’s entertainment department, gave a good news for Ronaldo fans. In the friendly match with PSG, Ronaldo will lead the Saudi All-Star XI made up of Al-Nasr and Al-Hilal players.

Turki Al-Sheikh gave the news of making Ronaldo the captain on his Twitter. He attached a video there. The video shows Ronaldo accepting the captain’s armband.


Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo is waiting to take the field for Al Nasr

Messi vs Ronaldo Former Real Madrid and Juventus forward Ronaldo joined his former club Manchester United last season. After United failed to qualify for the Champions League, Ronaldo began looking for another club. However, CR Seven could not find a club of choice even after the transfer deadline passed. Attempts were made to leave the club even at reduced prices.

But no one showed interest in him then. Even though he was forced to stay at United, the forward was not happy there either. Most of his time was spent sitting on the bench. An angry Ronaldo left the dugout before the end of the match and got involved in the controversy.

After that, in an interview given to Piers Morgan, United coach Eric Ten Haag and club officials washed away the road to leave Old Trafford. Ronaldo ended his contract with United in the middle of the World Cup. However, this 37-year-old star also said that he wanted to play in Europe at that time. Finally, he signed a 2-year contract with Al Nasr. In these two years, he will receive 20 million euros as salary there.


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