Is there really an internal conflict in the team, what Ronaldo said?

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro GOIH ComM is a Portuguese professional footballer

Cristiano Ronaldo’s team, Portugal, has reached the last eight of the World Cup. But different kinds of news were coming in the media about various internal issues of the party. From Thursday morning, there was unrest in the Portugal camp. A Portuguese press was behind it. They reported that after the match in Switzerland, Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to pack his bags and return to the country due to an argument with coach Fernando Santos. Shortly afterwards, the Portuguese Football Association strongly opposed the report, calling it false.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the main star of the team, also opened his mouth about this. Saaf said that some people are trying to break their party.


Disputing the news on Thursday afternoon, Ronaldo wrote on social media, “Some outside forces are trying to break up a united team. But this group is not afraid of any outside force. This team will finally try to fulfill the dream! Trust us!”
A statement from the Portuguese Football Federation read, “A media report on Thursday said that Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to leave the national team and return home due to a dispute with coach Fernando Santos. We would like to inform you that Ronaldo never said such a thing or expressed such a wish. Every day Ronaldo is setting some new feat to serve the national team and the country.

That should be accepted and no question should be raised about his responsibility to the national team. Incidentally, Portugal’s most capped player’s responsibility was once again understood in the match against Switzerland. All footballers, coaches are responsible from day one for this World Cup to be the best in Portugal’s football history.”

The press in Portugal reported that Ronaldo was angry when he realized that he would not be included in the first eleven against Switzerland in the last sixteen. He was seen frowning during the match. He was brought down in the 73rd minute. After the match, while his teammates went to the stands to greet the fans, Ronaldo walked into the dressing room alone.

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Ronaldo spoke to coach Fernando Santos after the match. He made it clear that he is not happy with the coach’s decision. He warned that if he is not included in the first eleven in the next match, he will pack his bags and return home from Qatar. According to the media, there was a very heated conversation between Santos and Ronaldo. But Ronaldo calmed down after a while. He realizes how important it is to be in his team and changes his decision to return home.

Teammates also continue to convince Ronaldo. He told him that Ronaldo is always under the media’s attention in this World Cup. His every move is being scrutinized. As a result, if he takes a big step like returning home now, it will have a serious impact on the party. All eyes will be on Ronaldo after leaving the game. The rest of the footballers in the team will try their best to win the World Cup. All their efforts will die on the field in this one Ronaldo job.

However, Ronaldo and the Portuguese Football Association have claimed that the Portuguese media report is completely false.


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