Inline Hockey Vs. Ice Hockey Differences: A Comprehensive Comparison

Inline hockey and ice hockey differ in the playing surface and equipment used. Inline hockey is played on a hard surface with rollerblades, while ice hockey is played on ice with ice skates.

The equipment used in inline hockey includes roller pucks and inline skates, whereas ice hockey uses ice pucks and ice skates. These differences in playing surface and equipment contribute to variations in gameplay and strategies between the two sports.

Inline Hockey Equipment

Inline hockey gear consists of several components that ensure player safety and optimal performance. The most essential piece of equipment is the inline hockey skates. These skates have smaller wheels compared to traditional rollerblades and are designed to provide better maneuverability on the smooth surface of the rink. Players also wear a helmet with a cage or visor to protect the head and face from potential injuries. Additionally, they use elbow pads, knee pads, and shin guards to safeguard their limbs during intense gameplay. A pair of gloves is necessary to provide grip and protect the hands from sticks and pucks. Lastly, players wear a jersey and shorts or pants that allow for easy movement on the rink.

Ice hockey gear is quite similar to inline hockey equipment, although some variations exist due to the different playing surfaces. Ice hockey players utilize ice skates with sharp blades to provide traction on the ice. The helmet also includes a full face cage or visor for increased protection. Similarly, elbow pads, knee pads, and shin guards are essential to shield against potential injuries during intense gameplay. Gloves are worn for grip and hand protection, while a jersey and pants complete the attire. However, ice hockey players also require additional gear, such as shoulder pads and a jockstrap, to provide extra protection on the more physical ice playing surface.

Playing Surface And Equipment

Inline Hockey is played on a hard, smooth surface like concrete or sport court, which offers less friction and faster gameplay. The playing surface is often smaller than an ice hockey rink, typically measuring around 185 feet long and 85 feet wide. Players use inline skates with wheels, which allow for speedy and agile movements.

On the other hand, ice hockey is played on a larger ice rink that measures about 200 feet long and 85 feet wide. The surface is made of frozen ice, providing more resistance and altering the pace of the game. Players wear ice skates with blades, enabling quick turns and maneuvers on the ice. The difference in surfaces significantly affects the style and dynamics of the game.

Gameplay And Rules

Inline Hockey Gameplay and Key Differences from Ice Hockey: Ice Hockey Gameplay and Key Differences from Inline Hockey:
Inline Hockey is played on a flat surface with players using rollerblades. Ice Hockey is played on ice with players wearing ice skates.
Inline Hockey uses a puck, similar to Ice Hockey. Ice Hockey uses a puck made of rubber.
Inline Hockey has four players and a goalie per team. Ice Hockey has six players and a goalie per team.
Inline Hockey has a smaller playing area. Ice Hockey has a larger playing area.
Inline Hockey has no offside rule. Ice Hockey has an offside rule.
Inline Hockey typically includes continuous play with no stoppages other than penalties or goals. Ice Hockey includes frequent stoppages of play due to icing, offsides, or other infractions.
Inline Hockey games are usually played indoors. Ice Hockey games can be played indoors or outdoors.
Inline Hockey Vs. Ice Hockey Differences: A Comprehensive Comparison


Frequently Asked Questions On Inline Hockey Vs. Ice Hockey Differences

Is Inline Hockey The Same As Ice Hockey?

Inline hockey is similar to ice hockey but played on inline skates instead of ice skates.

What’S The Difference Between The Two Types Of Hockey?

Ice hockey is played on ice with skates and a puck, while field hockey is played on grass with sticks and a ball.

What Is The Meaning Of Inline Hockey?

Inline hockey is a fast-paced sport played on inline skates, resembling ice hockey but on a hard surface.

How Can You Tell The Difference Between Field Hockey And Ice Hockey?

Field hockey and ice hockey can be distinguished by their playing surfaces – field hockey is played on turf or grass, while ice hockey is played on ice.


Inline hockey and ice hockey may share similar roots, but they have evolved into two distinct sports. Both sports offer their own unique advantages and challenges. Inline hockey showcases the speed and agility of players, taking place on a smooth, indoor surface.

On the other hand, ice hockey brings forth the intensity and physicality that comes with maneuvering on ice. Inline hockey is often seen as a more accessible option due to its flexibility regarding location and equipment requirements. It allows players to easily practice their skills and compete in a fast-paced environment.

Ice hockey, on the other hand, provides a one-of-a-kind experience with its frozen playing surface and the familiar sound of blades cutting through the ice. Ultimately, the choice between inline hockey and ice hockey boils down to personal preference and the resources available.

Whether you prefer the grace of inline hockey or the raw power of ice hockey, both sports offer exciting opportunities to showcase your skills and passion for the game. So, lace up your skates, grab your stick, and enjoy the thrilling world of hockey, whatever form it may take.


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