For 20 years, Brazil could not beat the European team in the knockout, what will happen this time?

Brazil and Croatia football team

On Friday

(December 9) (15:00 GMT), Brazil and Croatia will meet in the important match of the World Cup quarter-finals. Brazil could not beat Brazil is considered as one of the favorites of this year’s World Cup.

This Brazilian team is based on youth. The team has played well in the tournament so far. Looking at Brazil’s performance in the last match against South Korea, anyone can bet.

Selecao had a great start in the group stage but lost to Cameroon in the last match. The team has been on a 20-year title drought. The last title was brought home in 2002 by the most five-time title holders.


Friday (December 9), Brazil’s opponent will be the European country Croatia in the quarter-finals. Brazil is keeping an eye on past statistics before this match. But the stats against the Croats at the World Cup speak for Brazil. But another statistic is worrying.

Statistics show that since winning the World Cup in 2002, Brazil could not beat a European team in the knockout stages of the World Cup in the last 20 years. As a result, no finals were played. Each time they were stuck in the quarter or semi-finals.

But looking at the game of this Brazilian team, it does not seem that they will not be able to beat Croatia. It can be assumed that they are going to the semi-finals. Therefore, Tit’s disciples want to announce themselves in world football by defeating Croatia.

The last time Brazil beat a European team in the World Cup knockouts was in 2002 and the Selecao took home their last World Cup title. Where the opponent was the European country Germany.

Brazil could not beat

Since then,the country of Samba has not lost to any other European team in the knockouts. After that, Brazil played four more World Cups. In three of which they had to leave the quarter finals.

And in 2014, the host Brazil had to withdraw from the semi-finals after a shameful loss to Germany. They also lost to the Netherlands in the third place match. In those four World Cup knockout rounds, Brazil scored three goals and conceded 15 goals.

As the defending champions after the 2002 World Cup, Brazil faced France in the quarter-finals of the 2006 World Cup. Brazil lost the match 1-0. Because of this the Hexa mission had to leave without being successful.

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Brazil then faced the Netherlands in the quarterfinals of the 2010 season. There they lost 2-1 to the Dutch.In the 2014 tournament, Brazil faced Germany in the semi-finals at home. Selesaora flew with a big margin of 7-1 goals in the match. In the end, Diemenchefs took home the title for the fourth time.

After losing to Germany in the same tournament, Brazil faced another European nation, the Netherlands, in the third place match. Where they lost 3-0.

Brazil faced Belgium in the quarter-finals of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Brazil left the field after losing 2-1 to the Belgians in that match. Thus the Hexa mission remains a dream for Brazil.


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