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Are you tired of watching the same old sports every season? Have you ever considered giving rugby a chance? Now is the perfect time to start because Major League Rugby (MLR) is taking the United States by storm. The league may still be relatively new, but it’s quickly establishing itself as a force to be reckoned with in the sports world.

In this article, we’ll dive into the ins and outs of Major League Rugby and why you should start paying attention to this exciting and fast-paced sport. MLR was founded in 2018 and is North America’s highest professional rugby competition. It comprises 12 teams from cities throughout the United States, including Austin Elite, Houston SaberCats, San Diego Legion, and New Orleans Gold. The league is popular among fans for its fast-paced action and high-energy atmosphere.

History of Major League Rugby:

In September 2016, a number of amateur rugby union clubs in the United States were contemplating the establishment of a professional league. In order to aid in the creation of a pathway for the expansion of professional rugby in the country, Dean Howes assumed the role of senior strategic advisor for Rugby Utah. Howes had previously served as an executive for Major League Soccer’s Real Salt Lake and the National Hockey League’s St. Louis Blues.

In February 2017, nine amateur rugby union organizations – Austin Huns, Dallas Griffins, Glendale Raptors, Houston Strikers, Kansas City Blues, Minneapolis, New Orleans RFC, Rugby Utah, and Seattle Saracens – declared their plan to establish a professional league that would commence the following year.

On August 15, 2017, the Austin Huns made the decision to withdraw from MLR and instead create a new team, the Austin Elite, to participate in the league. Additionally, the Houston Strikers rebranded as the Houston SaberCats, while New Orleans, Utah, and Seattle also underwent team name changes to become the New Orleans Gold, Utah Warriors, and Seattle Seawolves, respectively. The San Diego Legion replaced Minneapolis, and the league began its first season with seven members, as Kansas City and Dallas were still in the planning stages.

Major League Rugby and CBS Sports Network revealed a long-term television partnership on November 6, 2017, which was a significant milestone for MLR’s broadcast rights. This historic deal marked the first instance in American history when a sports league was able to secure a national television contract before its launch.

Some Mystery About Major League Rugby:

As with any burgeoning league, MLR faced its fair share of challenges. Operational issues, financial concerns, and inconsistencies in game quality plagued some teams. Despite these early obstacles, MLR showed resilience and a commitment to addressing these growing pains.

  • Success and Milestones: MLR has celebrated several significant milestones that attest to its progress. The Seattle Seawolves emerged as the league’s first champions in 2018, setting a high standard for subsequent seasons. The Seawolves’ success not only fueled the passion of fans in Seattle but also captured the attention of rugby enthusiasts nationwide.

Furthermore, MLR signed notable international players, including former All Blacks Ben Foden and Mathieu Bastareaud, bringing a wealth of experience and adding prestige to the league. These high-profile signings helped raise MLR’s profile and contributed to its growing reputation on the global rugby stage.

  • The Mystery Ahead: While MLR’s growth is undeniable, there are still mysteries that lie ahead for the league. One significant challenge is securing long-term financial stability. Rugby is a sport that traditionally struggles to compete with more established sports in North America. MLR must navigate this landscape, attracting more corporate sponsorships, securing broadcasting deals, and building a loyal fan base.

Additionally, the potential for further expansion raises questions about the league’s sustainability and the need for prudent management of growth. With new teams and markets entering the fold, MLR must ensure that its infrastructure and resources can support this expansion without compromising the league’s integrity and quality of play.

Another mystery is MLR’s ability to develop homegrown talent and nurture young players. While international stars add flair and experience, it is crucial for MLR to cultivate a strong domestic player development pathway to ensure the league’s long-term success and competitiveness on the global stage. Despite its enigmatic nature, major league rugby has also proven to be successful.

How Much are Major League Rugby Tickets?

Major League Rugby tickets can vary greatly in cost, depending on the seat you choose. For casual fans looking to attend a rugby match, upper-level seating can cost around $40 to $70, giving them access to a great game without breaking the bank. Further up the scale, you will find reserved seating in the endzone at a slightly higher $30 to $40 per ticket price range and center field seating ranging from about $60 to $200 which would provide an excellent view of the match.

For international rugby matches, prices tend to be much more expensive with lower-level seating costing around $170 per ticket. However for those who are really looking for an affordable experience, general admission prices for most Major League Rugby games will start around just $20. With a range of entry prices, there is sure to be something available for all levels of fans looking to experience some exciting competitive rugby action.

When Do Major League Rugby Tickets Go on Sale?

MLR tickets are now available for purchase for the upcoming season. Fans can buy season tickets at least ten months before the start of the season, providing plenty of time to plan and book to ensure their spot in the stadium. Season ticket holders have priority when it comes to tickets and seating, as well as access to exclusive offers. Single-game tickets are also available throughout the season, giving fans more flexibility with their schedules.

Tickets can be purchased from Ticketmaster with no pre-sale code required. You’ll find that there are a variety of ticket options available including VIP packages and club seat options for smaller groups or individuals, depending on your preferences. All purchased MLR tickets will be sent promptly via email once the order has been processed and confirmed, so you can rest easy knowing your tickets will arrive safely and quickly. The tickets come with a satisfaction guarantee, so you have nothing to worry about.

What is League Rugby Seating Chart?

MLR seating charts are a necessary part of the game for fans looking to maximize their viewing experience. Major stadiums like Eden Park in Auckland, New Zealand, and Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, Australia can comfortably accommodate over 50,000 fans, so it is important to have a seating chart that efficiently allows for easy access to all areas of the stadium.

Seats are usually located along the lengths of the field as well as through three levels in the end zones. Furthermore, premium seating is plentiful at these locations with a special selection in the west endzone of Eden Park available. Covered seating is also available at various sections along the fifty-yard line such as sections 405 through 410 making those tickets highly coveted come matchday. Whether you’re seeking out the best cup holders or simply want to be closer to your team’s goal line, Major League Rugby seating charts provide an essential plan to get there without any hassle.

major league rugby

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is MLR, and how does it differ from other rugby leagues?

Major League Rugby (MLR) is a professional rugby league that operates in the United States and Canada. It serves as the top-tier competition for rugby in North America. MLR differs from other rugby leagues by focusing on developing and promoting rugby in a region that has traditionally been dominated by other sports. It aims to showcase domestic and international talent while providing a platform for players to compete at a high level.

2. How many teams are currently part of it?

As of the 2023 season, MLR consists of 15 teams. The league has experienced rapid expansion since its inception, continually adding new franchises to bring rugby to various markets across North America. The number of teams may change in the future as MLR explores further expansion opportunities.

3. Can you explain the competition format of MLR?

MLR’s competition format consists of a regular season followed by playoffs. In the regular season, each team plays a set number of matches, both home and away, against the other teams in the league. The teams are ranked based on their performance, with points awarded for wins, draws, and bonus points. At the end of the regular season, the top teams advance to the playoffs, culminating in a championship match to determine the league champion.

4. Are there any notable international players participating in it?

Yes, MLR has attracted several notable international players from around the world. These players bring a wealth of experience and contribute to raising the profile of the league. Some well-known names include former All Blacks Ben Foden and Mathieu Bastareaud, as well as players from various national teams such as Canada, the United States, and other rugby-playing nations. Their presence adds excitement and expertise to the league.

5. What steps is League Rugby taking to promote youth development and grassroots rugby?

MLR recognizes the importance of youth development and grassroots rugby in building a sustainable rugby culture. The league has initiated various programs and partnerships to support this cause. MLR teams often engage with local communities, organizing rugby clinics, camps, and initiatives to introduce the sport to young players. Additionally, MLR franchises work closely with local clubs and schools to create pathways for aspiring players, fostering talent development from the grassroots level to the professional ranks.


Major League Rugby is a professional rugby league operating in the United States and Canada. It strives to bring the sport of rugby to a new audience and promote youth development. The league consists of 15 teams, each competing in a regular season followed by playoffs to determine the champion. This is the league to relax and enjoy the thrill.

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