Hockey Stickhandling Drills for Kids : Master Stickhandling Skills with Fun Drills

Hockey Stickhandling Drills for Kids

Hockey stickhandling drills for kids can enhance their skills and coordination on the ice. This article will provide effective, fun, and engaging exercises for young players to improve their stickhandling abilities in a concise and engaging manner.

These drills will help kids enhance their hand-eye coordination, puck control, agility, and confidence on the ice. Whether they are beginners or more experienced players, these exercises will challenge and develop their stickhandling skills, setting them up for success in the game of hockey.

So, let’s dive in and discover some fantastic stickhandling drills that will benefit kids of all ages and skill levels.

Importance Of Stickhandling In Hockey

Stickhandling plays a key role in a player’s game, offering numerous benefits to their overall performance on the ice. One of the most significant advantages is the development of hand-eye coordination and puck control. By practicing stickhandling drills, kids can improve their ability to control the puck and maneuver it effectively during gameplay. Moreover, stickhandling drills help enhance agility and quicken a player’s reaction time, allowing them to make split-second decisions while maintaining puck possession. These drills involve a series of challenging exercises that require players to manipulate the puck with their stick in various ways and at varying speeds. By honing their stickhandling skills, young hockey players can enhance their overall performance on the ice and contribute more effectively to their team’s success.

The Fundamentals Of Stickhandling

The Fundamentals of Stickhandling

Proper grip and hand positioning are essential for effective stickhandling. Teach your kids to hold the stick with both hands, with the top hand slightly above the bottom hand, allowing for better control and quick transitions. It’s important for them to maintain a firm grip without squeezing too tightly.

Controlled movement of the stick and puck is crucial. Encourage your young hockey players to use their wrists and fingers, creating small, precise movements. This improves their stickhandling precision and helps them maneuver the puck effectively around opponents.

To enhance their stickhandling skills, introduce accelerating and decelerating techniques. Teach them to apply more pressure on the stick to accelerate the puck and reduce pressure to decelerate it. These techniques will help them maintain control while changing speeds and direction, making them more effective on the ice.

1. Dribble Relay Race

Hockey Stickhandling Drills for Kids

Dribble Relay Race

Setting up a relay race course can be a fun and effective way to improve stickhandling skills for kids. To create the course, you can use cones or other objects to mark a path for the players to follow. This will challenge their stickhandling abilities as they maneuver around the obstacles. Incorporating obstacles like small hurdles or cones placed close together will require the kids to be even more precise with their stickhandling.

You can also add a competitive element to the relay race by timing each player and encouraging them to beat their own personal best. This will motivate them to work on their stickhandling techniques and strive for improvement.

Teamwork can also be incorporated into the drill by dividing the players into pairs or small groups. Each group can take turns completing the relay race course, with each member contributing to the overall time. This encourages teamwork and collaboration while focusing on stickhandling skills.

2. Zigzag Stickhandling Course

Zigzag Stickhandling Course:

Creating a zigzag course with cones or markers is an excellent way to improve stickhandling skills for young hockey players. This drill focuses on quick turns and changes in direction, helping kids become more agile and adaptable on the ice. By setting up a series of cones or markers in a zigzag pattern, players are challenged to navigate through the course while maintaining puck control.

During this drill, it’s important for kids to stay focused and concentrate on keeping the puck close to their stick. By doing so, they develop the coordination and dexterity needed to execute tight turns and maneuvers. Building confidence in stickhandling is key, as it allows players to make split-second decisions on the ice. This drill can be repeated multiple times to reinforce these skills and improve overall stickhandling abilities.

3. Obstacle Course Challenge

Hockey Stickhandling Drills for Kids
3. Obstacle Course Challenge
Subheading: Designing an obstacle course with various challenges
  • Incorporating elements like hurdles, cones, and obstacles
  • Improving stickhandling skills under different conditions

Designing an obstacle course for kids is a fantastic way to enhance their stickhandling skills. By incorporating elements like hurdles, cones, and obstacles, you create a dynamic environment that challenges their abilities. These obstacles force them to maneuver the hockey ball or puck with precision, improving their stickhandling technique.

The various challenges in the obstacle course help children develop their skills under different conditions. They learn to adapt their stickhandling technique to navigate through or around obstacles, enhancing their agility and coordination.

Designing an obstacle course also adds an element of fun and excitement to practice sessions. Kids enjoy the interactive and competitive nature of the course, motivating them to stay engaged and focused on improving their stickhandling skills.

Advanced Stickhandling Techniques

Advanced Stickhandling Techniques
Incorporating dekes and fakes into stickhandling

When developing advanced stickhandling skills, it is crucial to incorporate dekes and fakes into your practice routine. These deceptive moves can help you outmaneuver opponents in game situations. It’s important to focus on developing moves that are effective and efficient. Start by working on your hand speed and precision. Practice quick and precise stickhandling moves, using both hands to control the puck. Additionally, incorporate dekes, which involve deceptive maneuvers to fool opponents, into your stickhandling exercises. Remember to simulate game situations and incorporate these techniques into your drills, as it will better prepare you for actual gameplay. By mastering advanced stickhandling techniques, you will become a more formidable player with enhanced puck control and the ability to create scoring opportunities for yourself and your team.

Stickhandling Drills For Fun And Learning

Stickhandling drills for kids can be made fun and engaging by incorporating games like “Simon Says”. It introduces an element of friendly competition, which encourages skill development and engagement in stickhandling practice. By turning drills into games, children are more likely to stay motivated and enjoy the learning process.

Games like “Simon Says” can be modified to focus on stickhandling skills. For example, the leader can give commands such as “Simon says stickhandle around the cone” or “Simon says switch hands while stickhandling”. This not only improves stickhandling abilities but also enhances coordination and reflexes.

Incorporating friendly competition in stickhandling drills can be done by keeping score or timing each player’s performance. This not only adds excitement but also provides a way to track progress and improvement. Additionally, introducing rewards or prizes for achieving specific goals can further motivate kids to practice stickhandling skills.

Remember, the key is to make stickhandling drills enjoyable and engaging for kids. By incorporating games and friendly competition, you can create a positive learning environment that encourages skill development while having fun.

Hockey Stickhandling Drills for Kids  : Master Stickhandling Skills with Fun Drills


Frequently Asked Questions On Hockey Stickhandling Drills For Kids

How Do You Practice Stickhandling In Hockey?

To practice stickhandling in hockey, focus on controlling the puck using your stick. Use drills to improve your hand-eye coordination, and practice moves like toe-drags and quick wrist movements. Keep practicing to improve your skills.

How Do You Teach A Child To Hold A Hockey Stick?

Teaching a child to hold a hockey stick involves these steps: demonstrate proper grip, encourage hand placement, and practice holding and controlling the stick.

How Do You Practice Stickhandling Off Ice?

To practice stickhandling off ice, find a flat surface, use a stick or ball, and focus on controlling the puck with your hands.

How Can I Improve My Stickhandling Speed?

To improve your stickhandling speed, practice short, quick movements with the hockey puck. Combine agility drills with stickhandling drills to enhance your speed and coordination. Additionally, focus on improving your hand-eye coordination and reaction time. Regular practice and repetition are key to developing faster stickhandling skills.


Developing strong stickhandling skills is essential for any young hockey player. These drills not only improve their ability to control the puck, but also enhance their overall coordination and hockey sense. By incorporating these exercises into their practice routine, kids can enhance their stickhandling skills in a fun and engaging way.

Whether it’s the figure-eight drill, the puddle drill, or the toe drag, each exercise offers unique challenges that help players become more comfortable with the puck. Remember, practice makes perfect, so it’s important to encourage kids to consistently work on their stickhandling skills.

With dedication and perseverance, they will see their stickhandling abilities improve over time. So, grab a stick, a puck, and get ready to watch your young hockey player develop into a stickhandling superstar on the ice!


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