How Many Baseball Games In A Season?

How Many Baseball Games In A Season?

Baseball is America’s favourite pastime, but for many fans, understanding the logistics of the season can be confusing. One common question is: how many games are played in a baseball season? If you’ve ever found yourself wondering this very question, you’ve come to the right place.

There are precisely 30 major league baseball teams that have been following a uniform schedule for every season since 1998 up to the present day. A total of 2430 games are played, with each team playing 162 games. These 162 games comprise 81 home games and 81 visitor games, regardless of whether the game is held at a different ballpark not belonging to either team. In this article, we will break down the number of games each team plays, the length of the baseball season, and how the playoffs factor into the overall season schedule.

How Many Baseball Games In A Season?

The number of games in a Major League Baseball season varies depending on the number of teams in the league and the type of season, such as a regular season or a post-season series. Generally, there are 162 games in a regular season for each team. During a post-season series, teams may play up to 28 additional games depending on the length of the playoff series.

The regular season of baseball typically starts in April and lasts until September or October, depending on the number of teams and how many games each team plays. Each team plays about 162 games during the regular season, which is divided into six different series of 3-4 games each. The first three series are called, two home series and one away series. The fourth and fifth series are reversed. But the numbers be different for school games, such as:


The number of games played in a college baseball season is determined by the division of the school. Division 1 schools usually have a regular season of 56 games, although some universities in colder climates may have slightly shorter schedules ranging from 50 to 55 games.

Division 2 programs usually play slightly fewer games because of their smaller travel budgets, with most teams scheduling anywhere between 40 and 50 contests throughout the season. At the Division 3 level, teams may have a differently constructed schedule based on their specific league or region and typically have between 40 and 54 full games throughout the course of the year.

High School:

The amount of high school baseball games in a season varies between 25-40 depending on the state the team plays in. Generally, games are more conservatively spaced out throughout the year in colder weather states. These tournaments tend to begin later in the year and can actually bleed over into summer months when Little League games are taking place. On the flip side, warm weather states may allow teams to begin playing games as early as February and not wrap up until late April.

The length of these seasons usually depends on how many remaining days of suitable weather there are for playing outside. Whether or not an area had mild temperatures all year round could be a determining factor for teams across all 50 states regardless of division or ranking. This ensures that all competing schools’ abilities to compete for state titles remain similar no matter their region or climate.

Is It Possible for A Baseball Team to Exceed 162 Games In A Season?

A team could play more than 162 games in a baseball season if there is a tiebreaker within a particular division. This is because the teams involved would be required to compete in an extra, one-game playoff, to determine the division winner. The American League has seen this happen twice since 1948. In 1948, it was the Cleveland Indians versus the Boston Red Sox, and thirty years later it was the New York Yankees versus the Boston Red Sox in 1978. The most recent occurred in 1995 when it was the California Angels versus the Seattle Mariners.

Ultimately, there can be up to 163 games played in a single regular season of Major League Baseball by a certain team should their division end with a tiebreaker at 162-162 records; although this situation is rare and unlikely to happen it remains a possibility nonetheless. Rolling back from over 100 years ago, ties continued to exist until league expansions broke them up beginning in 1969. Games that have ended in ties since then have either been replayed or declared as ties due to other circumstances such as weather or darkness settling matters on how it had ended.

Can A Team Play Less Than 162 Games?

The traditional length of a Major League Baseball season is 162 games, with each team playing every other team at least 19 times during the regular season. However, due to various circumstances such as inclement weather or special scheduling efforts, teams can find themselves playing fewer than 162 games in a given season.

In situations where games are impacted by circumstances outside of the league’s control, such as storms preventing playtime or power outages causing delays, teams may be allowed to call off or postpone certain games that are not expected to affect their overall standings.

For example, if two teams enter a series with one close enough to first place in their division and the other far back enough that no balance is impacted by any single game being cancelled, then that game could be called off without impacting the game’s overall outcome. If these sorts of cancellations occur multiple times throughout the course of a season—or if an entire series needs to be delayed—it can result in one team getting fewer than the usual 162 scheduled games for a particular year.

When is Baseball Season?

Major League Baseball season traditionally begins on April 1st and ends on or around October 1st every year. The start of the season typically includes a nationwide broadcast of the first game between two teams, as it is commonly considered the official beginning of spring.

Along with the traditional mark of spring comes an influx of new, fresh faces in each major league organization like all rosters have been flipped and are starting anew. For fans around America, this is a favourite time of year, when many travel to see their beloved players take the field, not just for home openers, but throughout the entire season.

How Many Baseball Games In A Season?

Frequently Asked Questions

How many baseball games are played in a regular season?

In Major League Baseball (MLB), a regular season typically consists of 162 games per team. Each team plays a total of 81 games at their home stadium and 81 games on the road against other teams in their league.

Why does a baseball season have 162 games?

The number of games in a baseball season has historical significance and is based on tradition. The 162-game schedule allows for a balanced competition, where each team plays against every other team in their league multiple times. It provides a large enough sample size to determine the best teams for playoff qualification.

How long does a baseball season last?

The duration of a baseball season varies but generally spans from early April to late September or early October. It typically lasts around six months, including both regular-season games and potential playoff games for qualifying teams.

Are there any exceptions to the 162-game season?

Yes, there can be exceptions to the standard 162-game season. For example, in case of unforeseen circumstances such as labour disputes, pandemics, or other extraordinary events, the number of games can be reduced or altered. This was evident during the COVID-19 pandemic when the MLB season was shortened to 60 games in 2020.

Do other baseball leagues follow the same number of games?

No, the number of games can vary in different baseball leagues around the world. While the MLB plays 162 games, other professional leagues, such as Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) in Japan, play fewer games. The NPB regular season consists of 143 games, divided into two halves, with a break for the All-Star Game in between. Other leagues, including those in South Korea and Cuba, also have their own unique schedules and game totals.


The number of games in a baseball season is based on tradition and varies depending on the league. In Major League Baseball, the season consists of 162 games, while other professional leagues may have fewer or more games. In some cases, the number of games can be reduced due to unforeseen circumstances.

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