ICC proposes 6 teams T20 in Olympics

T20 in Olympics game

ICC has proposed a 6-team T20 cricket event to the 2028 Olympic organizers. The world cricket body wants two events for boys and girls in the Olympics to be held in Los Angeles, USA T20 in Olympics .

However, whether there will be cricket in the Los Angeles Olympics or not, the decision has not been made yet. The organizing committee of the Los Angeles Olympics will hold a meeting on the inclusion of new sports next March T20 in Olympics.

The final decision will be made at the International Olympic Committee (IOC) meeting in October. The meeting of the IOC will be held in Mumbai, India.

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In the meantime, the ICC has formed a committee on the inclusion of cricket in the Olympics. The committee includes ICC chairman Greg Barkley, BCCI secretary Jai Shah, independent director Indra Nooyi and former USA Cricket president Parag Marathe.


According to ESPN Cricinfo, the ICC has not yet finalized the structure of the tournament despite proposing a six-team event for boys and girls cricket. However, if the proposal is accepted, it is believed that the 6 teams at the top of the ranking will get an opportunity to play in the Olympics.

In addition to Tests, ODIs and T20s, T-Ten and Six-a-side cricket are in vogue. Of these, T20 was chosen in consultation with the IOC and the Los Angeles Olympics Organizing Committee. In discussions with the ICC, it was asked to propose a version in which the World Cup is played.

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Considering the shortness of time, T20 has been selected. And keeping in mind the issue of cost reduction, the number of teams has been kept at 6. The IOC has decided to reduce the number of athletes in the Olympics.

Among these, the target of keeping the total number of athletes within 10 thousand 500 in 2024 Paris Olympics has been set. The last Tokyo Olympics was 11,300.

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