Ronaldo’s funny fight with the Ufc world champion 2023

Ronaldo’s funny fight with the Ufc world champion 2023

Although the fields are different, both are sports people. Cristiano Ronaldo showed football style on the field and Francis Ngannou fought in the mixed martial arts ring. In the evening of playing life, the fate of both of them coincided at one point Ufc world champion 2023.


Recently, Ngannu stepped down due to a contract dispute with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) authorities. The world champion martial artist was also stripped of his title. Manchester United canceled the contract with Ronaldo due to explosive comments about the club in an interview given to journalist Piers Morgan Ufc world champion 2023.


Ronaldo then moved to Saudi Arabia. Riyadh’s club Al Nasre wrote the name. Saying goodbye to mixed martial arts, Ngannu went to that Riyadh for a vacation. Two legends met there yesterday.

A video of Ronaldo-Ngannu is floating on social media. In the video, Ronaldo-Ngannou are standing in a fighting stance with their fists clenched. Just before the start of the fight, Ronaldo backed away from the decision and hugged Ngannou and burst into laughter. It should not be left to understand that they did this just for fun.


Francis Ngannou
Ronaldo-Ngannou smiling moments: Instagram

Both later posted several pictures of the moment. Ngannou, 36, called Ronaldo ‘the best of all time’ and a ‘big inspiration’ and wrote, ‘Loved hanging out with the best of all time in Riyadh today (tomorrow). Thank you for your kind words. He is really the name of great inspiration.


UFC World Champion Ngannu
Ngannouchabi became the UFC world champion: Twitter

Ronaldo wrote, ‘It feels great to meet the world champion Francis Ngannou. Football is my passion. But I also watch other sports on TV. If I want to watch something other than football, I choose boxing or UFC fights.’

Ngannou demanded that UFC authorities list health insurance for each fighter in turn. The French fighter of Cameroonian origin withdrew in shame because the US company did not agree to it. Ronaldo has also had such a difficult time in his career. Who knows better than Ronaldo how to turn around from this situation! The Portuguese superstar may have suggested Ngannou in that regard during the chat.

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Cristiano Ronaldo
Ronaldo may debut tonight in Al Nasr’s jersey Photo: Twitter

Even though it has been three weeks since going to Saudi Arabia, Ronaldo has not yet made his debut for Al Nasr. However, Ronaldo played a friendly for Riyadh Allstar against Lionel Messi-Neymar-Kylian Mbappe’s PSG. Despite scoring a pair of goals in the match, his team could not cope with Messi-Neymar-Mbappe.


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Al-Nasr-supporters’ wait could be over in a few more hours. Ronaldo can make his debut in the Saudi league with a match against Ittifaq tonight.


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