Argentinians in the grip of yellow cards who can not play in the semi!

Argentinians in the grip of yellow cards who can not play in the semifinals

Argentina in the semifinals with a final test of nerves. Lionel Messi’s team broke through the Dutch in the quarter-finals. In the shootout, the Blue-Blues beat the Netherlands 4-3. Their opponents in the semis are European giants Croatia, who beat Brazil in the quarterfinals. A second yellow card of the tournament will see Argentina miss two key players in their fight to reach the finals.

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The game was tied 2-2 in regulation and extra time on Friday night (December 9). Then the Albiceleste got an incredible win in the tiebreaker thanks to the skill of goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez.

There is no end to Argentina’s fans’ excitement after reaching the semi-finals in dramatic fashion. The Blue-Blues dream of defeating Croatia in the top four and reaching the finals. But even reaching the semifinals, Messi is not happy. His anger with the referee is not resolved.

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At the end of the match, Messi washed the referee. He said, “I don’t want to say anything, if I do, I will be punished.” But in my opinion, such a referee should not be given responsibility in such matches by FIFA. He does not deserve it.

Spanish referee Antonio Mateu showed 19 cards in this quarter-final match. Argentina players have seen 9 yellow cards. Netherlands players saw 7 yellow cards and one red card. Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni and support staff Walter Samuel also saw the card. Messi himself saw Lahoz’s yellow card.

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However, Marcus Acuna and Gonzalo Montil will not be able to play the semi-final after showing yellow cards against the Netherlands. Because they had seen yellow cards before this match in the tournament.

Montil received a yellow card in the group stage match against Mexico. And Acuna saw a yellow card against Poland. However, Messi, the lifeblood of the team, will be able to play against Croatia after showing a yellow card for the first time.

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