The white card came to football

white card in football

There are yellow cards in football, there are also red cards, but white cards? Yah, this is the case! The referee is going to show the white card in football, no regrets! Actually nothing sad, recently white card also appeared in football.

This card was shown in the Benfica-Sporting Lisbon match in the quarter-finals of the ‘Women’s Cup’ competition in Portugal last Saturday. Referee Katarina Branco made history by showing this card. According to the Economic Times, this is the first time in the history of football that a white card has been shown.

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The question is, why the white card and what is the meaning of showing this card? Spanish media AS reported that the referee showed this card a little before half an hour in the match. Basically, this card is used to better recognize the ‘fair play’ mentality in the match.

However, the Economic Times reported that the literal purpose and consequences of showing the white card have not yet been officially announced. However, this card will be used to promote ‘fair play’ and sportsmanship.

In the Benfica-Sporting Lisbon match, no players or coaching staff were shown a white card. If a player becomes ill in the dugout, the medical team immediately treats the player. The medical teams of both teams were busy in this work.

Referee Katarina Branco then showed white cards to both teams’ medical teams. The referee’s showing of a white card for a positive purpose was well received by the crowd at the Estadio Luiz Stadium. Applause rained down at the Estadio Luiz.


AS said the aim of using white cards was to “improve the morale of the game”. Since the 1970 World Cup, only yellow and red cards have been used in football. A yellow card is used to warn the player and a red card is shown to send the player off the field.

Portugal was the first to introduce the white card to ensure that the players compete in a spirit of sportsmanship on the field. It remains to be seen whether this card will be used in other major European leagues.

The decision to introduce white cards in Portuguese football was made by the country’s National Ethical Planning Committee for Sport (PNED). The white card was introduced on a trial basis with the advice of the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF). It has only been used in Portuguese football so far. But the topic of white card has come up before.

Former UEFA president Michel Platini has previously spoken about the use of white cards. The French legend said that if a player misbehaves on the field, he will be shown a white card and sent off for 10 minutes.


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